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Bulk Dress Socks Wholesale

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Bulk Dress Socks Wholesale

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Bulk Dress Socks Wholesale

Wine moms, yoga groups, and Pilates practicers all swear by our cloud-soft bulk dress socks wholesale, and rest assured, they’re fashion-forward while lying on their backs.

Group Purchasing is the new rage among the Millennials, and buying dress socks wholesale is at the top of the list.

There are so many websites pretending to offer dress socks wholesale that the eager customer is confused beyond the bounds of sanity.

How to order? Millennials demand streamlined buying online, and a handy drop-down menu is a sure sign that safe payment and fast shipping is just a couple of clicks away. 

That’s twenty-four pairs of top-quality dress socks. Above the calf to keep the skin covered, full-fashion knitted toe and heel for comfort.

“Dress” is a bit of a misnomer. Our dress socks are lighter weight than our ankle socks and crew socks, since they are knit from 100% polyester, rather than a cotton/poly/Spandex blend.

They are appropriate for casual and formal events. For work, either worn with hand-made leather shoes in the boardroom, or sneakers in the stockroom. Many of our customers wear them for every occasion, because of their low cost and high quality.

If you can’t fit all twenty-four pairs of dress socks in your sock drawer, then give half to a friend or relative. 

To save even more—and get Free Shipping!— order 120 pairs, or 240, and donate the pairs you don’t need to your neighborhood homeless shelter. Your chest will swell with pride, knowing we will also send free socks to a homeless shelter for every order placed on our website.

All of our Socks are:

Breathable & Comfortable

Available in Many Sizes (unisex)

Designed for Everyday Use

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Machine Washable

Moisture Wicking

we donate socks to homeless

Driven by values

Socks are the #1 most requested item in Homeless Shelters! Wearing the right socks can go a long way towards foot health but those struggling with homelessness don’t have that option. However, together we can help! For every order placed on our website we donate socks to the homeless.

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