Diabetic Socks for Women and Men

Diabetic Socks for Women and Men

Diabetic Socks for Women and Men

The three most important features of diabetic socks for women and men are fitquality, and comfort.

When your Dr. writes an Rx for diabetic socks you need to change your lifestyle along with your socks. Exercise is an important part of managing the disease. Along with quitting smoking and limiting alcohol consumption, regular physical activity can go a long way in reducing diabetic symptoms.

Peripheral neuropathy, the number one cause of foot injuries that can lead to amputation if not treated early. As a result, the number one item recommended for people with diabetes is a pair of diabetic socks. Wearing diabetic socks protects the feet from getting a cut, which can lead to infection.

Diabetic Neuropathy

Also called peripheral neuropathy, in layman’s terms, it means you can’t feel pain in the feet. Peripheral neuropathy is the number one cause of foot injuries. If left untreated these minor injuries can lead to amputation.

It is recommended that people with blood circulation issues wear non constricting diabetic socks. Regular crew socks can restrict blood flow, which can result in nerve damage.

Diabetics Socks are not only for Diabetics!

The high cotton content of the fabrics used in the construction of diabetic socks for men and women wicks away moisture from the foot to allow sweat to evaporate. As a result lowering the risk of fungal infections, as well as preventing odor. Furthermore, a dry foot is protected from blisters, which can lead to more serious conditions like edema.

Diabetic Socks For Women

Our diabetic socks for men and women are constructed without toe seams , reducing the risk of a blister or cut from shoe pressure. The soft cotton fabric provides padding and relieves pressure on the ball and heel of the foot. The construction of the socks ankle and calf have just the right amount of elasticity to maintain circulation in the legs.

WhereTo Buy Diabetic Socks

There is plenty of information online about foot care products in general, but you need to narrow the search to women’s diabetic socks. Here you will learn the difference between generic socks and which socks are designed as women’s diabetic socks. Ours do not have toe seams that can cause pain in the feet. The cotton fabric is moisture wicking, to keep the foot free of bacteria. The non-binding construction prevents varicose veins in the leg.

The loose fitting calf and ankle assure good blood flow in the legs. Shoes that fit are an important part of pain management. Too tight and they can impair circulation. A pair of loose fitting shoes make for all day foot comfort.

When a customer needs a steady supply of diabetic socks they can order monthly shipping of six pr. of socks on open account. No need to sign in, just to drop a few pairs of socks in a shopping cart! Our diabetic socks are always in stock, and same day shipping of your purchases is available. A Customer can ask us to use FedEx and UPS shipping for next day delivery of their orders.

Changing your diabetic sock often is important for foot health, and having a good supply on hand means clean socks are always available. To keep your diabetic socks in tip top shape we recommend machine washing in a separate mesh undergarment bag, and dried at low heat, or hung outdoors, as we know sunlight is the best disinfectant. A sweater comb or shaver can be used to remove pills that could irritate tender feet. 

If you have a question about items in our menu, or a specific product call us at: 1 (833) 432-3932

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“Diabetic socks are a major expense, and buying in bulk saves my family a bundle.”

G.H. Frankfort, MI

“I wash my husband’s diabetic socks along with my lingerie.”

S.D. Blandon, PA

We love the quality and savings from DressSocks.co.” 

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