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White and Black Socks

When you are looking for white and black socks the internet can be a rainbow of confusion.

There’s a multitude of reds and blues—and other hues—all guaranteed to bleed into your whites in the wash! Pink socks are fine for little girls, but can be an embarrassment for an adult full of himself.

You need white and black socks for work, for play, for every day. 

Crew Socks

White crew socks for the gym. Knit from the softest cotton, the strongest polyester, and the stretchiest Spandex—to hold your socks up, when shooting hoops with the guys.

You can’t afford to step to the foul line in pink socks. The laughter will make your face blush to match those socks. Comments like “Girly-Man” echo off the walls as your pals taunt you unmercifully.

You write yourself a note to let the wife do your laundry from now on, as you sink a pair of free throws to shut up the cat calls.

Ankle Socks

If you had been wearing low-cut socks the pink would be mostly hidden inside your Nikes. Our ankle socks are perfect for hot weather, whether you are walking the dog, or just loafing around the house.

Dress Socks

Of course if the socks had been black none of this would have happened. When dress socks are called for, both white and black socks can be worn for formal occasions. White for weddings, black for funerals.

If you need just a touch of color in your white and black socks, say to match a navy blue pinstripe, or a tartan skirt, our white dress socks, spun from the finest polyester, can be dyed to match. Rit All-Purpose Liquid Dye is so easy to use even the kids can help.

Diabetic Socks

Best not to dye your diabetic socks. White is the choice here, as the soft, double-thick soles are an early warning of foot injuries.

Diabetes is often accompanied by neuropathy, which is the loss of feeling in the feet. You can step on a tack, or develop a blister, and never know it, until the end of the day, when you take off your white diabetic socks, and find a spot of blood.

Our white and black socks, in every size and shape, are all you need to be the best-dressed man or woman at work and at play.