Dress Socks for Women and Men

Dress Socks for Women and Men

Dress Socks for Women and Men

Today’s polyester dress socks for women and men are as modern and high-tech as the Tesla. Through the magic of chemistry, polyester has become the fiber of choice in dress socks for women and men.

Non-wrinkling polyester doesn’t shrink and stretch like ‘natural’ fibers, needs no ironing, and takes dyes better than cotton and wool.

Dress socks are not just for the office. Travelers for both work and play appreciate our dress socks as well. An overnight rinse in the motel bathroom, and they are ready to go in the morning.

So-called natural fibers don’t dry quickly. Once they get wet, they stay wet. Cotton and wool socks have a tendency to trap sweat, which can lead to foot odor and irritations. Don’t let a blister spoil the day at Disney World!

Our Modern high quality dress socks are knitted from polyester, so they dry extremely quickly. This means that if you step in a puddle or tend to sweat a lot, your polyester socks will dry in no time. Otherwise, your feet will be wet for hours — and we all know how uncomfortable that can be. Wet, cold feet invite blisters, fungus, and even a head cold.

Polyester, with its durability and high tensile strength, wears like iron, and outlasts those other fibers ten to one. Buying dress socks for women and men from DressSocks.co means even more savings. And don’t forget our ankle, crew, and diabetic socks, as well.

Dress Socks for Women and Men
Dress Socks for Women and Men
Dress Socks for Women and Men
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“Our sales team swears by these socks! They fit our uniform but we all wear them on our off days too :-)”

K.R. Santa Clara, CA

“My church donated socks to the Children’s Relief fund.”

Mrs. M. Tampa, FL

“Our divers all wear fast-drying polyester socks with their wet suits.”

J.B. Rehoboth Beach, DE